It’s probably the most important holiday you will ever take. From the moment she accepts the engagement ring, you’ll be planning for two future events – the wedding, and the honeymoon.

A honeymoon should above all be full of memories. You will spend time alone together in luxurious resorts and in fascinating surroundings. You and your new partner for life will partake in activities you’ve always promised each other you’d try one day. And you may see sights which you may never see again, but which will live with you throughout you lives together.

Getting your honeymoon right is so important that it can end up being stressful for all concerned. Bookings and transfers must mesh together perfectly, so while you’re busy organising the wedding, let us help in arranging the perfect luxurious honeymoon getaway.

Backed by our decades of experience, Adria International Travel offers unique and lavish honeymoon travel arrangements, specifically designed for the comfort and peace-of-mind of you and your partner.

Why not have your very own Honeymoon Registry and let your family and friends be a part of your happiness as well by contributing to your honeymoon as their wedding gift.

Your family and friends can then be advised of your plans, and can contribute to the cost of this special holiday .You will receive exclusive stationery to add to your own invitations, inviting your guest to make a contribution and, if they wish, a lovely way of letting you know of their wedding gift .

So if you’re planning your honeymoon consult the experts at Adria International Travel. You can call us now on 03 9650 0804 or send us a contact request here.

What is a bridal registry?

A bridal registry is a great way for your friends & relatives to contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon. No shopping involved you pick your destination and your guests nominate the amount they wish to contribute towards the payment of it.

How does it work?

Once you have decided your honeymoon destination and prior to sending out your wedding invitations we supply you with a card to enclose in your wedding invitation which gives your friends & relatives all the information they require on how to make a contribution towards your honeymoon.

How do we keep track of the payments on the bridal registry?

When setting up the bridal registry we ask you supply us with a list of your guests that you have sent invitations and cards to. This is to show you what people have contributed and the amount (amount can be kept confidential), once the registry has closed off. We also ask your friends & relatives to supply an address so we can post a receipt back to them acknowledging the contribution they have made. We also send back a gift card, which they can place in your wedding card just so you know the nature of their gift and can send the appropriate thank you note.

Is there a fee to set up a bridal registry?

Yes there is a $50.00 set up fee. This covers set up & maintenance of the bridal registry. It also allows your guest to be able to contribute a payment by credit card without incurring merchant fees.

What happens if I receive more money than the actual cost of my honeymoon?

All money that is contributed towards your bridal registry is yours. Any payment in excess of the balance due on your honeymoon can be direct deposited into your nominated bank account or paid to you via cheque.

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